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STORY OF THE PLAY- A wacky cast of actors is rehearsing for its big community theatre production of "You Only Die Twice." Marge Cunningham, the author of this "spell-binding murder mystery," runs the Enchanting Dreams Bed-and-Breakfast, which doubles as the community theatre. When she receives word that a top Broadway producer is coming to town to hopefully "discover" some fresh acting talent, she notifies the cast, and they go into high gear to perfect the show before opening night. They decide to stay in character and run their lines as much as possible before the performance. But it’s not easy. Fred Atkins plays the cat burglar who can never quite make it through the window without getting his panty hose caught. And then there’s Sally Hendrickson who can transform herself into a butler-chasing bimbo with lightning speed.
In the meantime, a vacationing couple appears about a possible vacancy at the bed and breakfast.The local actors assume the visiting couple is the producer and his wife, but in reality the man is an overwrought air traffic controller who desperately needs a break before he has a breakdown! And then there’s the bed-and-breakfast permanent guest who can’t keep anything straight,

including important phone messages.The cast may be small-time, but they have one big dream:

to go to Broadway! Let the mayhem begin!
SHOW DATES: APRIL 3-5, 2020!
(Rehearsals- Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays January 20-30 ONLY
All other rehearsals- Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays)



“On Golden Pond” is a play that hinges on passing seasons; the seasons of the year, the seasons of the family and the seasons of one’s life. Seasons of irritation and bug bites pass into seasons of new understanding and a balm-like redemption.
Nigh on 80 and in the winter of his life, Norman Thayer, a retired English professor and his wife of many years, Ethel, make their annual summer retreat to their cottage deep in the Maine woods. Norman is feeling the chill wind of his own mortality and, frustrated with his failing body and memory, he compensates with a mordant, blustery humor rooted poignantly in his fears of dying.

The patient spouse is Ethel, accustomed after many years of marriage to indulge the whims of her temperamental husband, but not without her own wry, down-to-earth asides. Ethel is Norman’s perfect foil and companion and theirs is undoubtedly a long love story, a relationship as warm and comfortable as an old cardigan. The real dramatic action of the play starts when their daughter arrives on the scene with her fiance and his son and family tensions and failures are exposed.

Chelsea balances make-the-best-of-it, forced, good cheer with a resentment impossible to contain. She arrives with her mild, dentist fiancé, Bill, to drop off his son, Billy, to stay with her parents while they take some time to themselves in Europe. The story and themes attracted Henry and Jane Fonda and Katharine Hepburn to make the film version in 1981. It won them both Academy Awards.

This black box production stars Cliff Gibson, Rosemary Howard, Gina Marie Davies, Lou Oporto, Matthew Uryga, and Dave Walton. It is directed by Peter Weidt with technical direction by Chris Zajac and stage management by Lori Holm.

The Arts at Angeloria's is honored to have made the Top Ten Musicals of 2019 list with our production of "City of Angels". Congratulations to all our friends at community theatre venues around the state for your accomplishments in 2019 as well!  Join us for more music with the shows we have scheduled for 2020! Happy New Year, one and all!

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Pablo Picasso


Sunday, January 12, 2020 5-8pm

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 7-9pm

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