Curiositivities:© (kyo͝or′ē-ŏ-sĭ-tĭv′-ĭ-tēz) Activities or explorations designed to quench a desire to know or learn about people, things, events, topics, or objects often having a strange or odd aspect that arouse one's interest or curiosity, as by being novel or extraordinary.

Come dressed as your favorite witch, wizard, or magical creature for the costume contest. Chance to win a pair of tickets to our holiday show- “Miracle on 34th Street”. Visit the Dungeon Potion Lab, Griffindor Common Room, Trelawney’s Divination Classroom, Dumbledore’s Office, 4 Privet Drive, and more for fun photo ops.
Dance the night away in the Three Broomsticks Inn to live music from Sean O’Reilly, Snowpiler, Black Bourbon, and Kaleidoscope.Visit the bar for complimentary soda and themed non-alcoholic mocktails/butter beer for purchase. Complimentary popcorn and Honeydukes candy station all night.
Guests are welcome to bring in their own picnic baskets if they wish to enjoy their own food and drink. Leave your little goblins at home because this is an adult only event. Carpooling is encouraged.

Escape Room Escapades

(Dates to be announced.)


Victorian Tea Parties 

(Available upon request!)

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