Larch Purinton, technical director, started doing sound and lighting for musical theater in the early 1970’s. He has been a broadcast television engineer since 1984.  He brings his professional technical experience to every local community theater show in which he is involved.


Kim Turret, Costume Manager and Designer, is thrilled to join The Arts at Angeloria’s team. She began sewing and designing clothing items as a child, influenced by a family lineage of amazing seamstresses. Creating fashions and costumes was a logical direction for Kim over the years, expressed through ballet productions, high school productions, and summer theater. This combined with a Masters Degree in the field of education and experience as a classroom teacher, Kim is ready and most willing to share the art of costuming with student interns at Angeloria’s.

Eric enjoys his spot in the tech booth for the productions at the Art’s at Angeloria’s. He is happy to add his expertise in making the lighting truly shine for each show with which he assists. A high school teacher, he has been involved with his school’s performances for the past several years. 

Ed 'The Maestro' Rosenblatt, musician/music director/director/actor, has been involved in musical theater productions throughout Connecticut for 25 years as an actor, singer, composer, director and music director. He is very proud to call The Arts at Angeloria's his musical theater home. Since being affiliated with the A@A, he has music directed "Camelot", "The Who's Tommy", "Mame", "Bunnicula", "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change", The Fantasticks", and "She Loves Me".  He has composed original music for many of the productions at The Arts at Angeloria's. Ed has also been seen on the stage at The A@A's most memorably in his role as Detective Stone in the critically acclaimed June 2019 production of "City of Angels"- a bucket list show.

Peter Weidt, director/stage manager/actor, has always had an interest in live theater. His first love is performing on stage entertaining audience with his art. When not on stage, he has volunteered to build sets, paint sets, lighting, and work on stage crews. Having moved to Connecticut in the 90’s, he took a ten-year hiatus before stepping on the stage again. He has added to his local theater resume during the 21st century by stage managing, taking on lead roles, and directing his first play under the guidance of the Arts and Angeloria’s artistic director.  He continues to volunteer for any job to be close to the art of his love – the theater.

Lori Holm, executive and artistic director, relocated to Connecticut from the Napa Valley many years ago and has found her niche in New England greasing the wheels of bright young minds in her day job, making art and music, teaching the arts to others, designing costumes and sets for various theatrical productions, directing shows, learning lines and music for an upcoming theatrical venture, or playing in the sun during the A@A's summer camps! Lori’s love of all arts can be traced back to her grandfather- a muralist, painter, and musician.  Over the decades she has designed countless advertisements, logos and posters in addition to the artistry she brings to her canvases, gardens, photos, crafts and to the theatre. As was the case in California so it is here... Lori has made it a point to surround herself with loving, like-minded, talented, and creative individuals who understand that life is a feast for the eye, the ear, the mind, the heart, and the soul.

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   About the team

Stacey has been a part of the Angeloria’s family for a long time as a friend and patron. Now, as House manager, she gets to share her love of this special place with everyone. While this is Stacey’s first time working in a theater, she has been a fan of theater her whole life. Some of you may recognize her from Angeloria’s production of Mamma Mia! in 2021 as the bride in the surprise real wedding at the end of the play. That is probably the only time you will see her on the stage, but she will be there to greet you at every show and welcome you to this magical venue. 


Lori and Elyse first met in the Rocky Hill production of the musical Jane Eyre. Elyse has performed in other productions but considers The Arts@Angeloria's a second home. From acting, directing, stage managing to ushering Elyse has participated in many activities here including Wizard Walk - The Harry Potter experience and she enjoys belonging to such a creative and loving community.


   In memoriam...

   Sweet Penny Lane, the resident, ancient, and magical art cat... enough said...