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Dear friends,

It is with very heavy hearts that The Arts at Angeloria’s announces our decision to cancel our Summer Day Camps for 2020 as well as all shows, private art events, and lessons scheduled for this summer.  We had hoped to move forward with at least a portion of our programming and have been watching the situation closely. With an uptick in cases anticipated as Connecticut moves into a “soft opening” coupled with a still increasing death count in our state and nation we cannot in clear conscience gather young campers, artists, actors, parents, or patrons here for the upcoming weeks of summer. We believe it is just too soon to do so safely. One camper, counselor, teacher, artist, actor, friend, or family member who may contract COVID as a direct or indirect result of a visit to The Arts at Angeloria’s is one person too many for us to risk- you matter to us too much.

Our first priority has always been, and continues to be, the health, safety, happiness, and growth of all who visit The Arts at Angeloria’s. We do not feel that the current COVID restrictions for camps will allow for neither a quality nor safe camp experience. Masks in hot weather make it difficult for cool air to reach the lungs, the respiratory muscles are activated resulting in shortness of breath, which in turn makes it easier for heat to build up inside the body. We are concerned about an increase in heat-related illnesses, breathing difficulties, and dehydration among many other health risks. This is not the experience we wish for our young campers, counselors, or teachers to remember about their time at The A@A's. Other guidelines and restrictions required (and rightly so) from the state Office of Early Childhood Education would take the magic out of the all-new Wizard School design and make many of the Art and Nature camp activities difficult if not impossible to orchestra.

Moreover, in addition to our concerns for the individuals who venture here to explore or experience the arts, we feel it is our civic duty to also be concerned for the health and safety of families and people each attendee may contact when they depart. Our cozy, magical arts world has suddenly grown exponentially. 

The A@A’s team has spent weeks in conversation with each other, government offices, and camp professionals. We have attended webinars and video meetings to learn everything we can about holding camps, events, or classes safely in the midst of a global pandemic. Based on those conversations, along with careful and honest reviews of research and facts, it has become clear that providing an authentic summer program is not possible this year. If you had already sent in payment via check or credit card earlier this year, you will notice that none of those checks or cards were cashed or processed. We will shred and/or delete these documents. If you have registered your child(ren) for our summer day camps or had communicated your interest in doing so, you will receive an invitation to pre-register for Summer 2021 Day Camps before they are opened to the general public in early 2021.

We are especially saddened that this March marked The Arts at Angeloria’s 5th anniversary. We had planning in place throughout early spring and summer for celebration arts, shows, and camp experiences. However, we take comfort in knowing that they will be even more special when we can enjoy them at the dawn of a new day post-COVID pandemic. We are thankful for the beautiful messages about acceptance, fear, love, and resolve that our guests took away from our last public event- our production of “On Golden Pond” in February. With acceptance, love, and resolve, we will do our part to end the pandemic by waiting with patience for the appropriate time to resume operations at The Arts at Angeloria’s. 

Until that time, we will be working to develop all kinds of exciting projects and art opportunities in your absence so please check our website, Facebook, Instagram, and/or newsletters for the latest information on potential offerings like after school small group art classes, science classes, and Wizard World weekends in early fall. We sincerely hope that you will remember to return to us when the passing of days and weeks make it safe to do so. Finally, remember to smile behind your masks because it shows in your eyes. Stay safe and peace be with you all…

Lori Holm
The Arts at Angeloria’s


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