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Effective July 10th, 2022 the Arts at Angeloria’s will no longer require patrons to be vaccinated in order to attend our performances, events, classes, or programs. Patrons may be required to wear masks in some instances. This requirement will vary based on the nature and location of our performances, events, classes, or programs.

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​​Latest news:

A wacky cast of actors is rehearsing for its big community theatre production of "You Only Die Twice." Marge Cunningham, the author of this "spell-binding murder mystery," runs the Enchanting Dreams Bed-and-Breakfast, which doubles as the community theatre. When she receives word that a top Broadway producer is coming to town to hopefully "discover" some fresh acting talent, she notifies the cast, and they go into high gear to perfect the show before opening night. The cast may be small-time, but they have one big dream:  to go to Broadway! Let the mayhem begin! 

Guests attending this production will not know who are other audience members and who are cast as they mingle during pre-show hour enjoying the Pre-Show Welcome Course. On their way into the Black Box Theatre each guest will enter his/her guess about who will be discovered. One winner with the correct answer will win a pair of tickets to an upcoming A@A’s event!

During the Intermission Main Course, guests will be able to contemplate who the future Broadway star might be by chatting with wandering cast members and with each other again during the Intermission Course.

Following Act Two, guests will gather for the Post-Show Chat and Chew Dessert Course before departing.Throughout the event unlimited Virgin Mango Mimosas, coffee, and tea will be served. The Arts at Angeloria’s is thrilled to be teaming up once again with Top’s Market and Carmela Marie to bring you this entertaining, all inclusive show experience!